Bulk SMS

Popular IT BD provides brand SMS service that you can send SMS by using company name to your client mobile from website. Our messaging services are suitable for any application environment, financial institutions, development companies, mobile marketing/advertising/promotions/alerts, enterprises and other players in the global ICT industry. For our clients reliability is the key of a successful business relationship. And we are based on reliability-quality-service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and/or requests. You can find our contact details, CLICK HERE .

We always ensure to our client like this FEATURES:

i Heavy Redundancy, High Throughput, 160 Characters per SMS.
ii Pricing: Competitive Pricing for SMS.
iii Reliability: Instant Delivery, SMS Signaling, Automatic Resend Queue, 48 hours default Validity, SMS Delivery Report.
iv Flexibility: Customizable Sender ID, Easy Platform access options, Schedule SMS, SMPP Connection, API functionality etc.
v Terms: Regular Registration Fee is only 5000Tk (For Reseller Panel)
vi Service: A dedicated account manager plus 24/7 sales and tech support.
vii No hidden fees, no expiring credits, pre-paid billing and more.
viii Flexible admin panel by Popular IT BD made.
ix Reliable data updating system
x Strong Security System

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